Mobile Games and Brain Training


What do you do when you have to tone your muscles? You exercise, right? But do you exercise the most important muscle in your body; your brain? As all the muscles in your body get weak over time if you don’t work out, if you don’t challenge your brain, it will shrivel, at least in strength.

Why is Brain Training necessary?

  1. Career Growth:

Much of your time on the job is spent upon solving problems through logical reasoning and analysis. Brain training can help you make these decisions faster and more effectively. This will propel your career and make you better at your job. You will be able to meet deadlines quickly and adapt to new situations more easily.

  1. Personality Development:

If you have seen the movie ‘Limitless’, you would know what a common man’s brain is capable of. It is a scientific fact that we only utilize about 10% of our brains and if we are to use more, the possibilities are endless. Working out our brain does not only boost our confidence but also allows us to think more clearly. So if you are having a relationship crisis, you might be able to make a rational decision rather than an emotional one. You might be more comfortable with who you are as a person and others will see the spark in your personality too.

  1. Word Recognition:

Often times we are at a loss of words when speaking to someone important. Word recognition games and puzzles are known to boost our memory by finding new connections between brain cells. This will refine our writing and speaking skills substantially and make us charm the audience with our witty vocabulary, if not pretentious. Nowadays, learning such stuff is just a click away. Simply take out your smartphone and start tickling your brain.

Does Brain Training really work?

With brain training increasingly becoming a multi-million dollar business these days, it’s hard to imagine how business can be good for health. However, many studies have proven that brain games have a direct link to better cognitive ability and mental sharpness. And with the booming smartphone revolution, mobile games have become the best tool to improve your brain’s agility and response time. Many mobile games allow us to concentrate on different areas of mental development and these are particularly useful when a person needs recovery from either stress or any sort of post-traumatic mental disorder.

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