Word Morph! – Endless Word Puzzle coming out next week!

Word Morph! is a new type of word puzzle game for casual players, set to release next week. This free game has mechanics of fast-reaction, high-score-chase games with a simple gameplay. You have to transform words by replacing one letter at a time. Each word you morph, adds more time to the clock and your goal is to stay alive while morphing as many words as you can before the time is up.

Word Morph! features:
Five different word lengths
Relax & Timed mode
Variety of power ups
Individual statistics to track your performance
Achievements and leaderboards connected to Game Center

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Word Morph! (Free) is coming out on May 27th 2015, for both iOS and Android.

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Mobile Games and Brain Training


What do you do when you have to tone your muscles? You exercise, right? But do you exercise the most important muscle in your body; your brain? As all the muscles in your body get weak over time if you don’t work out, if you don’t challenge your brain, it will shrivel, at least in strength. (more…)

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1 more week to go!

Bud's Rhyming Words is arriving on July 17th on App Store, Google Play and Amazon!

Great news friends!

Our app has been approved by Apple and it is ready for sale.

You are most welcome to sign up and be able to receive the free promo code before it goes live!


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Bud’s Rhyming Words – Coming soon on App Store

It's rhyme time!

Join Bud on an adventurous trip under the sea and help him find the treasure by catching the matching words. A perfect app for kids to get their hands on before the school begins in fall.

Bud’s Rhyming Words includes 3 wonderful rhyming games, which cover more than 225 words spanning across 39 plus word families. Kids who read nursery rhymes will love these games and they will learn new rhymes that will help them progress in reading drastically.

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Word Families – It enchants learning through selecting a vowel and a word family, then its time to match the pictures or objects to the words. It promotes object identification, increases vocabulary and interactively enhances proper pronunciation.

Pick and Click – It is the most thought provoking activity, as the kids are asked to match the pictures of rhyming words. This game acts as a reinforcement of the ‘word families’ in an engaging and intuitive manner peaking your child’s curiosity.

Catch the Match – Bud is set out on an adventure to explore the ocean bed in search of the rhyming words. Meet the fishes and Octopus but beware of the wrong words. Do not forget to try your best and receive the much deserved positive responses from a job well done (Thumbs Up!)

After Bud’s First Words, this is the latest addition in our series of Early Language Development apps for kids. Download these apps and help your children pick key concepts of English from a very early age.

Coming soon on App Store in July 2014.

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Bud’s First Words – Now releasing in Spanish, Japanese and Korean

Nimble Minds' best seller 'Bud's First Words' will now be available on App Store in 4 languages!

Bud’s First Words is a beautifully illustrated word learning and reading game, loved by kids, parents and teachers all over the world.

Join Bud on a journey through his house, school, city, park and around as he and his friends go from place to place to learn new words. Children will come across a wide range of words spoken and heard by all toddlers as they are growing up.

In ‘Bud’s First Words’, toddlers and preschool kids will start learning by listening and reading nouns, the names of things found around them in everyday places like bedroom, bathroom, classroom, playground, park, etc. Then in Play mode children will read questions and they will be asked to identify the same objects and recognize their words, this will reinforce their learning. In no time you will see kids spotting and naming things around the house and increasing their vocabulary every time they play.

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‘Bud’s First Words’ is designed to:

– build children’s everyday vocabulary

– improve reading skills by practicing words children hear at home and school

– improve reading fluency

– boost kids confidence and self esteem

– help children with difficulties like autism, add, adhd, speech delay, non-verbal in reading and learning English language and communication in a positive and stimulating way.


– 24 locations to explore – Bedroom, Bathroom, Breakfast, Classroom, Playground, Park, Street, Store, Grocery, Kitchen, Party, Garden, Family Room, Restaurant, City, Airport, Beach, Carnival, Camping, Under the Sea, Workshop, Clinic, Farm, Fitness Room.

– 350 plus words to learn

– Kid-friendly interface

– No third-party advertising

– No in-app purchases